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Optimal Mobility and Recovery for Athletes

The Premise of Chiropractic is that the human body was designed to be healthy and contains within it the ability to self-regulate and to heal.

Chiropractic proponents believe that when your brain and body are fully connected (because of a well-aligned and functioning spine and nerve system), effective communication can occur and your body's Innate Intelligence can correctly comprehend and respond to any changes (stresses) in your daily environment. The result is that you are able to adapt to these changes. In addition, you are able to heal and continually grow in every way – physically, mentally and emotionally – including thinking at a high enough level to make good choices in every area of your life.

Chiropractic has existed and evolved for over 123 years now. For much of that time, chiropractors across the United States have used and recommended a line of whole food supplements from Standard Process, out of Palmyra Wisconsin. One of my favorite supplements to augment a health-conscious Chiropractic Lifestyle is Ligaplex (comes in two formulations, Ligaplex I and II).

Gymnasts, runners, weightlifters, and even high performance and professional athletes have used Ligaplex I and II for more than 50 years! (To be specific, that’s the Standard Process brand we carry—which uses a low-temperature, high-vacuum drying technique that preserves the enzymatic vitality and the nutritional profile of all ingredients.)

No matter your age, your ligaments support and control the flexibility of joints. And your tendons—again, no matter your age—connect your muscle to your bones, and therefore support your body as it moves. We like to think of tendons and ligaments as the "pulley system" that works in concert with spinal joints.

The Vitamin C and Manganese found in Ligaplex help collagen formation and repair and growth of our tissues. The Manganese also helps support the amino acid proline, the amino acid that is needed for the actual production of our collagen and cartilage.

It makes sense then that no matter your age or activity level, it is a supplement that can benefit you.

Ligaplex for Optimal Recovery and Mobility

Even if we aren’t top-performing athletes like Derek Jeter or Serena Williams, our bodies still need the nutrients to support the collagen and elastin tissues in our ligaments and tendons.

Even our everyday, normal activities put stress on our ligaments and tendons. If you add any activity to that–form yard work to Crossfit–you are adding even more demands on your bones and tendons.

As we see gains in our workouts, or as we simply restore and renew our tissues, these two supplements give us the extra boost we need to keep this sustainable. The bovine bone and veal bone PMG extract in Ligaplex II is specifically for stimulating the process in which your connective tissue heals. Athletes also love Ligaplex I because it contains buckwheat, which support your anti-inflammatory responses in your body.

“I’m not an athlete…I’m still not convinced!”

If the cellular recovery and growth process isn’t important to you, you should know that Ligaplex I and II increase your metabolic efficiency.

To simplify a complex process, the proteins found in our liver act as stimuli to our organs. Ligaplex II (the carbamide) stimulates our tissue fluid metabolism, which as you might have guessed, helps keep our joints healthy because it helps them maintain proper fluid levels!

Ready to wake up feeling better, or are you looking to recover faster from your hardest workouts?

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