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My 21 Day Detox Story

I've been fairly public in the office with the announcement that I put myself on the Standard Process 21-day Detox and Purification program. I started this past Monday so I'm on Day 3 now. I'll be honest. I've always been concerned about my weight. I've tried virtually every diet program in the land: Weight Watchers, Medifast / Take Shape for Life, Atkins, the Hollywood Diet, HCG, and many more than I care to list. They all work. Unfortunately I probably didn't work hard enough at them. I've lost the same 20 pounds tens of times. I've bought Herbalife and Hydroxycut. I've had every fad workout machine: the Total Gym, the Thighmaster, the Gazelle, the Belly Blaster (ok, I made that one up) plus scads of workout videos. I've worked out at Curves and Crossfit and Fitness Together and 9Rounds Kickboxing gym (that's all true).  And since I've become a chiropractor, I've worked out with an amazing personal trainer and his stance has always been the same "Your workouts can't make up for a poor diet."

When thinking about my eating habits, I'll admit, I live a convenience lifestyle. The good news is that even though my cooking skills aren't very developed, my palate is. In terms of my capabilities, I can boil water and bake a packaged cake. I can scramble eggs or make an omelet. I even have several go-to dishes for dinner gatherings. But I will admit that overall I'm not very savvy in the kitchen. However I do like a large variety of fruits and vegetables, which is helpful when it comes to the Standard Process Detox program where you're not permitted meat until Day 11. However I find that I do LIKE asparagus, and beets, and the guacamole that I can eat during the program. By and large, I apparently just didn't make it a point in the past to diversify my food choices. Silly me!

My biggest concern going into the Detox was giving up my Diet Soda. I have wanted to give up soda for the last several years but I could never quite bite the bullet. Diet Mountain Dew has been my go-to vice since the early 1990s. I did make a major step in this effort earlier this year when I quit keeping soda in my home and only permitted myself a fountain soda when I was dining out at a restaurant. Of course, that meant daily as I historically have always eaten lunch out. So I'm pleased to report that I haven't had major headaches like I expected that I would with that type of long term soda history. I had a little headache on Day 2 but it really wasn't a nuisance. I fully intend to stay off soda after I finish this Detox.

I also have a sweet tooth, but after I passed on the chocolate cake in the office on Day 1 I feel like I finally may be doing this program for the right reasons. Below you'll find what I ate during my Day 1. I'm really surprised how the shakes keep my hunger at bay, and I feel good about the fact that I'm doing something healthy for my body. Naturally I know it would be best if I ate earlier in the evenings or didn't wait so late for that last shake, but hey it's a work in progress! All I know is it's Day 3 and I haven't had any processed food or sweets, nor a Diet Soda yet. And my scale has me down 3.5 pounds so I'm feeling good about that. Yay!

Dr. Wendy


7 AM     Shake #1 (2 scoops SP Complete, 1 scoop Whole Food Fiber, 1 tbsp cold pressed flaxseed oil, 1 small banana and 8 oz. frozen pineapple with 8 oz water)

Noon    Salad from Firehouse Subs (green bell peppers, cucumbers, lettuce only as I forgot the beets, broccoli and cauliflower I meant to toss onto it) oil and vinegar dressing

2-3 PM  Shake #2

5 PM     2 prepackaged beets (since I forgot them at lunch)

7 PM     Sweet potato I microwaved (sorry I know baking is better but I was staying ahead of hunger), asparagus fries I broiled with EVOO and Celtic sea salt, plus broccoli, mushrooms and carrots I stir fried in vegetable broth over 1/2 cup of brown rice (can't be instant)

10 PM    Shake #3

For more information about the Detox, call our office at (704) 847-8308, email me at, or check out the Online version of the manual here: