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Why Regular Chiropractic Care Makes So Much Sense

Posted on 12-20-2016

If someone is very hungry and he eats some food, will his hunger go away? The answer is, yes - if he eats enough of it. But, is the purpose of food to get rid of hunger? If someone eats food regularly...

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Get Adjusted Before and After Summer Travel

Posted on 06-27-2016

Your long-awaited summer vacation does not have to wreak havoc on your spine or your health. When you see our chiropractors and get adjusted before and after summer travel, you increase your chances f...

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How Often Should I Get Adjusted?

Posted on 06-13-2016

A common question that we field as chiropractors is "How often SHOULD I get adjusted?" so I thought we'd explore. First and foremost it's worthwhile to examine all the good things th...

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Chiropractic for Numbness and Tingling in the Hands - Yes!!!

Posted on 11-15-2015

When numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness occur on the "thumb side" of the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome is usually suspected. This repetitive motion injury involving the hand an...

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Really? Chiropractic Helps with Headaches!!!

Posted on 10-26-2015

If you have a headache, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Some are occasional, some frequent, some are dull and throbbing, and some cause debilitating pain...

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